Participate in EQANIE

There are different options to help EQANIE enhance the quality of informatics education across Europe:

Become a member (legal entities)

Applications for membership must be submitted in writing to the President, who will examine and submit the application to the General Assembly for approval or otherwise.


The annual membership fee is determined by the General Assembly. The current membership fee amounts to 1500 €.


   Form for requesting EQANIE membership

Benefits of the EQANIE Membership

  • Influence on the further development of standards and guidelines and contribution to quality enhancement of informatics higher education in Europe, e.g. by participating in the bodies of EQANIE
  • Opportunities for networking and professional exchange with stakeholders in informatics education
  • Access to information on events and developments in informatics education
  • Participation in international projects (e.g. most recently the Euro-Inf Spread Project)
  • Access to a channel for promoting the purposes of informatics education in Europe at the Bologna Follow-up process and other political processes
  • Possibility of posting links to own events via the events calendar, publicising press releases via the EQANIE email distributor etc..

Provide your expertise - Become an EQANIE auditor

EQANIE auditors are renowned experts for the study programmes submitted for review, they are appointed by the EQANIE Executive Board. They participate as independent experts from academia or professional practice, who make their judgements as individuals and independently. Auditors do therefore not represent interests of individuals or act as agents for particular organizations.

You are interested in quality assurance and development of study programmes at Higher Education Institutions (HEI). Ideally (but not necessarily), you already have dealt with questions of certification, evaluation and accreditation. If your work is business-related you should, in addition, have an idea of what you / your company expects of graduates at Bachelor and Master level.

Our expert auditors are, as a rule, teachers in academia or experts from professional practice, i.e. from private and public companies. Student experts are – where possible – part of the auditing team. They have gained first experience in higher education.


   EQANIE short-CV form

Sponsoring EQANIE

If you would like to support EQANIE as sponsor, please contact the Secretariat for further information.


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