The Euro-Inf Quality Label

How to obtain a Euro-Inf Quality Label

Higher Education Institutions in a country where an authorized agency operates, should contact the respective agency.

Authorized agencies currently exit in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.


For all other institutions, an application to EQANIE is possible:


Individual procedure

This procedure is conducted for individual Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes and/or consecutive Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.

The Euro-Inf Quality Label is awarded to the individual degree programme. A final individual decision takes place for each degree programme.


Cluster procedure

The procedure is conducted for a cluster of degree programmes of related disciplines. An Audit Team evaluates several degree programmes within the same procedure.

The accreditation certificate applies to one degree programme. A final individual decision takes place for each degree programme.

Whether or which degree programmes are joined in one procedure is applied for by the HEI and evaluated in each individual case by the Accreditation Committee of EQANIE.


Joint international procedure

EQANIE collaborates with national agencies where accreditation from a national agency is mandatory for the higher education institutions. Joint procedures are tailor-made to the requirements of the country. Further information about the EQANIE policy for collaboration can be found here.

First Steps

As a first step, the applicant institution should submit a request for accreditation including a curriculum overview on each programme to the EQANIE head office. The request form includes some essential information on the degree programmes for which accreditation is requested, such as


  • contact details of programme coordinators
  • academic level / study cycle
  • Standard period of studies in semesters
  • ECTS-credit points awarded
  • subject areas / areas of competence that should be represented in the review team
  • envisaged date of submission of the self-assessment report.


The curriculum overview is intended to help the EQANIE Accreditation Committee to gain a first overview on the subjects covered.


Form for requesting the Euro-Inf Quality Label


Example of a Curriculum Overview


Preparation of the Self-Assessment Report

The preparation of the self-assessment report is usually inititiated at the latest after the accreditation contract has been signed.


As a rule of thumb, the period between the date of submission of the self-assessment report and the date of the accreditation decision is about six months.


All necessary information on the preparation of the self-assessment report is contained in the Procedural Principles for the Accreditation of Degree Programmes. They are currently being updated. Please contact the EQANIE Secretariat ( for information and up-to-date templates.


Additional helpful information may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions that are regularly updated.


Model Euro-Inf Learning Outcomes Matrix


FAQ on Accreditation with EQANIE (Version 2014-10-13)


About the costs

Contact the Secretary General for information about the EQANIE Accreditation Fees.

See which degree programmes have been awarded the Euro-Inf Quality Label.


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