New leadership of EQANIE

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Posted on 1 February 2015

At the last meeting in October 2014, the General Assembly elected the new Board members, among them the new President and Vice-President.

As the second term of office of the founding President, Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Heiss (Informatics Europe) and Vice-President, Dr. Iring Wasser (ASIIN) as well as that of several Board members came to an end after six years, the General Assembly elected a new leadership team.

Prof. Dr. Eduardo Vendrell Vidal (CODDII, ANECA) was elected President. Prof. Dr. Roland Ibbett (BCS) became the new Vice-President. Both are currently in their second term as Board members.

The other new Board members are: Birgit Hanny, M.A., MBA (ASIIN), Prof. Dr. Simone Martini (GRIN), Prof. Dr. Leszek Pacholski (Informatics Europe) and Prof. Dr. Olaf Zukunft (GAFIUS/FBTI). Prof. Heiss will remain a member of the Board as Immediate Past President for the next three years.

The term of office of the new President, Vice-President and Board members will be January 2015 to December 2017.

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