The Accreditation Committee

The EQANIE Accreditation Committee has a crucial role in the procedure of awarding the Euro-Inf Quality Label. It consists of at least seven members of whom five must be academics (covering the five informatics disciplines according to the ACM/IEEE-CS Computing Curricula) and two professionals from industry.


The Accreditation Committee reviews requests of HEI for accreditation of degree programmes and decides on the composition of the audit teams. It takes the final decision about the award of the Euro-Inf Quality Label. It issues recommendations to the Board on whether an agency should be authorized for the award of the Euro-Inf Quality Label. The Accreditation Committee meets three times a year.


as of October 2016:

Prof. Dr. Roland Ibbett (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Liz Bacon

Prof. Juris Borzovs

Prof. Mark Harris

Prof. Salvatore Orlando

Prof. Rüdiger Reischuk

Prof. María-Ribera Sancho

Mr. Simonas Razminas


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